The Valentine’s Secret Menu 


Each month, we love creating a new specialty menu for The Battery Tasting House! The speakeasy-spin on it is that it’s a “secret menu,” viewable only with the latest password! But don’t worry, it’s not just on your phone, we have hard copies to view if you’re enjoying a tech-free evening with us.

In February, we brought back 2022’s Valentine’s drinks, by popular demand. We used locally sourced strawberries (from The Stand at Peirce’s Produce, Inc.) to create “Strawberry Smooch,” “Make My Heart Melt,” and “Love Potion.” On special holidays, we also create mocktail versions of each drink.

Every secret menu is an opportunity to highlight either one of the Pursue Spirits passions or bits of history from our area and/or the Roaring ‘20s in general, the time period that inspired our tasting house’s atmosphere. For February, the menu included a short excerpt, “Valentine’s Day A Century Ago,” as well as a graphic from a vintage valentine. Stay tuned for the March menu!

A Celebration of Mossy Creek 

Local artist Keith Russell is painting a beautiful mural on the patio of Mossback’s Tasting House. 

In colorful brushstrokes, he has created a verdant setting that seems to spring from the outdoor flower beds. 

Russell’s art captures the spirit of our beloved small town of Jefferson City (once called Mossy Creek), celebrating its past and present and alluding to our city’s future. Russell collaborated with a photographer to capture just the right angles of prominent downtown buildings, then sketched directly from the photos onto the wall. He has added layers of details, first fleshing out the buildings and backgrounds and eventually adding people and details as small as beloved pets and coffee cups. 

In the coming months, he will be adding more details to the mural!

About the artist: Russell is a multidisciplinary artist who lives right here in Jefferson City. Creating landscape and scene murals is one of his favorite creative passions. 


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